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Amazing results

I have tried the Migraine cream, it is a wonderful product, has a very soothing smell and when I have a terrible migraine, it is amazing how it seems to work. When I feel a migraine coming on I rub a small quantity across my forehead, around my temples and behind my neck and rest in a quiet place if possible. I have suffered from migraines since I was a child, I am now 60 years old and I can truthfully say this is the best relief I have had for a migraine headache.
Stephanie Alexander

It is also great for Eczema

Thank you for the opportunity to try your FOOT BALM. You suggested that I try the FOOT BALM when I told you about my dry feet. It works wonders on dry, cracked feet, but that is far from all, it is also great for! ​​

I have an eleven year old daughter who has suffered from the reoccurring flare-ups of eczema, at her elbow and wrist joints and behind her knees from birth. We have tried everything medicinal, and herbal with little or no positive results. Not long ago my daughter experienced another flare up, I tried the FOOT BALM on her and it worked! Within days the itching stopped and the areas began to look much better. The patches are healing and the skin, in the areas I mentioned are looking more normal. ​​

Thank you Shanti for your timely suggestion.
Barbara Philbert-Allen

Ideal for treating dry skin due to chemotherapy

In the fall of 2011 I was given a stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis and someone gave me a bottle of Aromatherapy Therapeutic Body Lotion. ​​

Before using these lotions, chemotherapy had caused my skin to become dry, brittle and flaky, my nails had become brittle, dry and broke easily. After consistently using these absolutely wonderful products my skin returned to its normal young, soft and smooth look and feel while still undergoing chemotherapy. ​​

I highly recommend these lotions for anyone having extra dry skin; especially those being treated for cancer.
Alicia R. Hill – USA
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